In light of COVID-19, all classes will be online. For questions, please reach out to actprep@peerpowerfoundation.org.



Schoology (Online Classroom) Issues


I tried to log into Schoology and it didn’t work.

Your Schoology account is separate form your registration account. You will need to create an account.

I entered my email address into Schoology and it says does not exist.

Your Schoology account is separate form your registration account. You will need to create an account.

Schoology says I need a code.

The code for your class was sent in the email that told you to go to Schoology it looks like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

I entered my code into Schoology and it says does not exist.

Make sure you include the – with the code.

I clicked on something in Schoology but it won’t let me see it.

The class is set up in sequential order.  Start with the top folder and work your way through each folder’s contents to the next folder.


Registration Issues 

Registration for the online version of ACT Prep University is normally our pre-registration process.  

Can my 7th or 8th grade student attend?

The ACT test measures achievement through the first five semesters of high school. ACT Prep University reinforces and reviews this material after it has been covered in the high school classroom. For this reason, our program is designed for 11 and 12th graders. Students will not be admitted to ACT Prep University prior to enrollment in high school.

I have followed the pre-registration link, but I can’t register…

When registration is closed, a message like the one below will appear when the link is clicked:


Pre-registration opens on the date listed in the information given by the school and closes when capacity is met. Students who wish to be placed on the waiting list can attend the Saturday orientation to do so. Being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee a spot in the round.

I pre-registered through the link but I didn’t get any response.

When your pre-registration is processed, you will receive an email stating the time and location of the Parent/Student orientation, where you can complete registration. Please allow up to 12 hours to receive this email. If you haven’t received an email within this time frame, you are not pre-registered. This means that your email address was entered incorrectly, the application is not complete, or the terms and conditions have not been accepted. Return to the link, log in to your application, and ensure all information is complete and correct.

I pre-registered through the link, but I did not receive follow-up information, such as classroom number, instructor/coach names, and busing schedule.

Registration is a two-step process, which requires both pre-registration through the link and parental attendance at the Saturday orientation or at a school hosted orientation. Once parental permission is given at the orientation, information about location, instructors, and busing will be sent by email within one week.


 Orientation and Transportation

Do parents need to attend the orientation to complete registration?

Yes. Peer Power must obtain the permission of a parent/guardian prior to student attendance and transportation.

Where are the orientation and classes held? 

**In light of COVID-19, all classes will be held online.**

Registration and classes are both held in Ball Hall at the University of Memphis. Please see the map below.

Is transportation provided for my student?

Yes. If requested during registration, buses are provided by Shelby County Schools and Durham Transportation. Pick-up and drop-off schedules are provided by email after completed registration.

Where will the buses pick up and drop off my student?  

Students who request transportation at registration will be picked up and dropped off by bus at their high schools. The buses will depart and arrive at the generally used busing areas for each high school.



 Miscellaneous Questions

Does my student have to attend every Saturday session?

Attendance is strongly encouraged. Absences will decrease the level of content exposure that students receive, which will lower the effectiveness of the program.

How can my student practice between Saturdays? 

For at home practice, ACT Prep University gives students access to our online classroom, which provides a session by session guide to SCS curriculum and ACT aligned online study materials.  After the orientation has been attended and registration is complete, an email will be sent with instructions and an online code that grants access to the course.

Does ACT Prep University conduct the official ACT test?

We DO NOT conduct the ACT test. We assist students in preparing for the test and are not an affiliate of ACT. While the program may utilize practice tests for instructional purposes, the ACT can only be conducted at official testing locations. For further information regarding the official test, go to http://www.act.org/

How soon should I register for the ACT Test after participation in the ACT Prep University program?

ACT Prep University is most effective when students take the test immediately after attending the program. Be sure to register for the test at https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration.html

Can my student attend the program more than once?

Yes. Students may participate in the program more than once, as long as they successfully pre-register and a parent/guardian attends the orientation for each round.

Is the Act Prep University Program free?

Yes. ACT Prep University is free of charge and open to high school students who attend Shelby County Schools.  Online ACT Prep University is open to any high school student.

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