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Peer Power is a non-profit organization that recruits and trains high-performing college students, called Success Coaches, to tutor in public school classrooms and mentor high school students to encourage active learning, valuing education, and being personally accountable for their futures.

Peer Power’s mission is to inspire and empower youth to take control of their academic success.

Our History

A successful entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist, Charles McVean had grown increasingly troubled by the poor performance of Memphis’ public schools and believed that the American free enterprise system held the remedy. Combining a performance-based compensation model with the powerful effects of peer groups, he launched his unique student-to-student tutoring concept at East High School. The program was successful and soon evolved into Peer Power.

Peer Power introduced the Memphis Model in partnership with Shelby County Schools, the largest school district in Tennessee and the University of Memphis, the 25,000+ student urban institution in Memphis, TN. The program employs over 125 University of Memphis “Success Coaches” who are trained to tutor and mentor students in classrooms during the school day. This unique model strives to place two Success Coaches in every high school level Math, Science, English and U.S. History course tested by the State of Tennessee. Peer Power currently serves in 8 public schools in Shelby County.

Peer Power is making progress now by placing students in leadership roles that prepare them for lifetimes of success. Now that we know the model works, we see a terrific opportunity for bringing it to more students in more schools, which will require additional funding from a greater range of sources. Peer Power seeks partners who are passionate about changing the lives of children today.

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