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Your contributions allow us to equip students with the academic support, mentoring relationships, and workforce development they need to navigate the path to higher education and adult life. Our students’ achievements are made possible by the generosity of donors and advocates like you who step up to smooth the way forward. Thank you for joining us on this mission and investing in the promise of the next generation.


Peer Power’s light reaches all the way to the Tennessee Senate!

Drew’s Introduction to your journey of Lighting the Path to Success!


Spreading Cheer and Lighting the Path

As a symbol of our donors’ support lighting the path to student success, Peer Power team members decked the halls of classrooms with festive decorations this holiday season. The merry ornamentation serves as a reminder of the opportunities made possible by the generosity of our Peer Power donors.”

Ridgeway High School saw the light donors provide!

Our workforce development programs need your light, more than you know.

MSCS scholars registered for our first Workforce Development Camp. We see a need to help these students prepare for a life in the workforce after high school. We aim to help these students with your help.